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As a parent, your priority will be for the right education of your children. It involves one of the longest and tough brainstorming, search, and decisions including the choice of school, amenities available, curriculum, language etc. UAE Is blessed with the multicultural environment which also gives the freedom of choice over wide range of curriculum from British and American curriculum to Indian and UAE curriculum. Elite school is one of the reputed American curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi and hence we advocate that the curriculum of the school by which a child is educated influences him or her in the later stages of the career.

Even though each of the curriculum has its own key strengths and weaknesses, we help you decide you child’s educational experience with the best curriculum. As being one of the best private schools in Abu Dhabi, we have a wider experience and knowledge in the field of education, and hereby gives you a roundtable discussion on the American curriculum and British curriculum.

Why trust elite school?

American curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi like elite school are always appreciated for the wide range of opportunities and loved by our students for their interesting study plan. Elite school helps you choose the best for your child.

American curriculum

American system of education is formulated with the right balance if emphasis in theoretical learning and on co-curricular activities. It is crafted based on age-appropriate subjects which will help students understand their passion and will satisfy their interest and cognitive development. In the middle school, there are interesting options for art electives or second languages like French or Spanish for high school the opportunities, widens to offer business studies, science, design technology and more languages. The best thing about American curriculum is that it gives the freedom of choice for students to choose subjects in both middle and high schools, with only demand to cover minimum of 6 subjects throughout the curriculum. Each course has its own specific exams which students are bound to appear for. The US curriculum includes 4 level stage of education

  1. Elementary school
  2. Middle school
  3. High school
  4. Post-secondary school (college)

American curriculum is designed to support both personal development and academic achievement of the students. And students also follow advanced placement (AP) courses once they reach 11 and 12 grades. Almost all the American curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi, including elite school comply with the ministry of education requirements to allocate teaching time for Islamic and Arabic education.

British curriculum

British curriculum is well known with high standards of teaching, covering the education for children aged 5 to 16 years. The curriculum is based on r\frequent educational testing or assessment which involves routine tests in SAT s for children in stage 1 and 2

British curriculum has 4 stages of education

  • Stage 1: ages 5-7 (years one to two)
  • Stage 2: ages 7-11 (years three to six)
  • Stage 3: ages 11-14 (years seven to nine)
  • Stage 4: ages 14-16 (years 10-11)


The last stage demands the students to appear for general certificate of secondary education (GCSE) examinations which asses English, math, and science. It also comprises seven or more examinations on subjects of choice depending on their areas of strength and future career plans.


British curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi also offer opportunities for students with 14 to 16 age groups to appear for international  general certificate of secondary education examinations. It includes more international topics is designed to suffice the needs of international community.

A level

Advanced level or a level certificate can be procured by studying 2 levels which includes advanced subsidiary (a1 level years 12) and A2 level (years 13)

American curriculum does not lock children into a system and thereby, encourages students to explore a broad range of subjects. So let your child fly his wings, enjoying his education in the best American curriculum schools in Abu Dhabi.

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As a parent, your priority will be for the right…
As a parent, your priority will be for the right…