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Admission Guideline

Learning from textbooks alone is not sufficient in today’s competitive world, digital leaning that goes beyond the textbook is integral in education system. Committed to excellence Elite Private School promises to build a strong future for your child by consolidating both textual as well as digital learning. Quality education makes children competent and proficient.


Applying to Elite Private School is an easy process.


Applications for the current Academic Year: if spaces are available the application will be reviewed and an assessment scheduled. If spaces are not available the application will be reviewed and placed on a waitlist until spaces become available again or for the next academic year.


Applications for the next Academic Year: All applicants for G1 to Grade 12 will be assessed. In accordance with Abu Dhabi law, there are no assessments for KG years.


Step One:

Please complete our Online Application Form. Once we are in receipt of your online application, you will receive an email sent to the email address you have entered on the application. This email will direct you to Step Two.


Step Two:

The email from Elite Private School will provide a list of required documents. Our registration team will also contact you personally with the next steps.

If places are available, your child will be invited to attend an assessment. In order to book the assessment, please be prepared to submit:

  1. A copy of the child’s passport
  2. A copy of the child’s emirates ID
  3. A copy of the child’s last year report card
  4. A copy of any diagnostic testing or educational assessment and/or any psychological assessments (if applicable)
  5. A completed candidate reference form completed and stamped by the previous school (document provided by EPS)

Please be advised that on acceptance, you will also be asked to provide the following (this applies to every school in Abu Dhabi) before the child begins school

1. Students transferring from WITHIN Abu Dhabi:

  1. Two student photographs (passport size)
  2. Physical presentation of ID card and paper copy (student and parents)
  3. Copy of the end of year school report
  4. Copy of the passport (main information page only – student and parents
  5. Copy of Family Book (Emirati students only)
  6. Household electricity bill (if there has been a recent change to the home address)
  7. Completed Medical Form (provided by school)
  8. Birth certificate
  9. Vaccination Record
  10. Sequence of studies (different curriculum)
  11. Study leave (if coming from government schools)
  12. Recommendation letter
  13. MOE approval (G12 some cases)

2. Students Transferring from OVERSEAS OR FROM ANOTHER EMIRATE:

  1. Two student photographs (passport size)
  2. Presentation of Emirates ID card for student and both parents. A court letter replacing EMIRATES ID will be valid for registration after the Emirates ID cards should be presented.
  3. Attested transfer certificate
  4. Attested previous year school report which should be officially translated
  5. Copy of the student and parents’ passport (main information page only)
  6. Copy of Family Book (Emirati students only)
  7. GPS coordinates of your home address or a copy of electricity bill
  8. Completed Medical Form (provided by the school)
  9. A copy of the student’s vaccination record
  10. Birth Certificate translated

Join with Us – Truly Outstanding School in Abu Dhabi

General Information

Join us – Give your children an enriching educational experience

Elite Private School follows a simplified and comprehensible admission process. We have outlined in detail the procedures, requirements and guidelines to be followed while admitting your children in our school.

Elite Private School is one among the top schools in Abu Dhabi providing unparalleled primary and secondary education. Following the American curriculum our teachers work together with each child for their overall development. Each and every child is precious to us and with the aim of enhancing their potential. Our international connections in the field of education guarantees learning outside the four walls of the classrooms. Apart from textual learning we use various approaches to motivate and instil learning in children. Our premises are well furnished with numerous facilities like sports academy, library, labs etc to facilitate positive transformation in kids.

Without waiting anymore admit your child to Elite Private School rated first-class amidst the top schools in Abu Dhabi. You can contact us directly if have any queries or doubts regarding the admission procedures we assure swift response and resolution.

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