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The quality of education comes with quality of resources. For a child, school is where he or she lives the most. They make new friends, have food together, learn the past and evolving wonders of the world, take short naps in the school, indeed their second home. Hence, the place or the environment of the school plays an influential role in their intellectual and physical development. As one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi, we strive to upgrade ourselves to make it most child friendly and favourable for their growth.

A good, advanced and resourceful infrastructure enhanced the quality of education received by the students. It creates innumerable opportunities to takes the evolving world, technology and society. A highly spirited infrastructure boosts their curiosity, interest and motivates them to attend their school regularly which will improve their cognitive development. Along with the quality curriculum and staff, a good infrastructure makes it one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi.

As our students enjoy their day at creative opportunities offered by the great infrastructure of elite school, we use this platform to explain the importance of a good school infrastructure and how it makes a reliable school in Abu Dhabi.

Important infrastructural parts of a school

School building

The school building influences the quality of education as it helps in providing the proper opportunities and focus for the students. The classroom should have enough space and be well ventilated to allow plenty of natural light and breeze. A good infrastructure is when it provides all necessary amenities like well equipped labs, hall, open fields, games equipments and sanitation.

A good library

A well planned library with regular new comings, help the students to be updated. It implements a reading habit among students when the library is resourceful with books that interest each student.


Classroom are more friendly for a child than his or her own room at house. It makes the foundation of any school and hence, it should be well designed to ensure the comfort of the students. The light colour painted walls and creative decoration of the classrooms provide an impetus to pleasant mind for the students. The classroom should be facilitated with built-in cupboards to suffice the storage needs of every child, like to store school materials, apparatus and other items.


The fun time of a child is a safe playground enhanced the development of a child. A school should have well maintained playground with both indoor and outdoor facilities designed for specific games. A good playground helps to develop physical strength and balance, alongside boost the social skills, critical thinking, and problem solving.

Staff room

The school becomes effective when it prioritize the well being of both student and staff. The school must have a facilitated staff room which enables teachers to carry their works, involve in discussions and strategies their teaching.


Cultural activities are an integral part of school education and a good platform facilitates the fun and creative time. An auditorium well equipped with the upgraded digital technologies will help the students to go along with the world and relieve their stress and bring out their talents out on the stage.

A school becomes trustworthy with a good infrastructure that will meet the comfort for students, teachers and administrators, spaces for development of rehearsals and practices, and spaces for the development of talents.

A good infrastructural school has a great impact in the education as it ensures attendance and completion of academic cycles, happiness rate of the students and better learning results.

Your child shall be our family and we provide the best at elite school.

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The quality of education comes with quality of resources. For…
The quality of education comes with quality of resources. For…