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How to develop a supporting character in every child?

Character development is an important aspect of American curriculum schools. Building a supportive nature comes in character development. And every child must be exposed to abundant amounts of love, motivation, care, empathy, kindness, and support right from when they are babies, both from their families and the society. The best American schools in Abu Dhabi teach these values apart from their academic subjects so the children are moulded into responsible human beings.


Sowing the ‘supportive seed’ in your child in the American curriculum schools

It is imperative that the schools should adopt teaching the children all the habits that will contribute to their supportive nature. Once the children go out into the world, they can employ these techniques and spread their learning, making the world a better place to live.


Developing a caring, loving relationship with the kids

Children show love and respect when they are shown love and respect. When they feel love, they will definitely spread love and become attached to their teachers, parents and friends. It is when they are shown the different forms of love, with their emotional and physical needs taken of, will they reciprocate with the same. The same way all of the positive attributes can be imparted to them.


The teachers are the role models

Schools must be really selective in getting the right role models a.k.a. teachers for the students. The best American schools in Abu Dhabi go to great lengths to ensure the teachers are qualified to teach the students these character values. The teachers are such powerful transmitters, even more than the parents, once they start school. One of the first steps that the teachers should develop is empathy.  This would help teach all the other character values, and the children will be motivated to learn them from you.


Becoming a supportive person helps them handle challenges

When the children are shown emotional support, or when the teachers demonstrate the same by displaying reassurance, compassion and genuine encouragement, they learn from it. This can be verbal or otherwise, physical gestures of sympathy and affection will definitely make an impact in their little hearts.


Build supportive nature by telling supportive stories

Parents and teachers must tell stories from the children’s literature books, encourage them to read such books and since these stories are impregnated with values and morals from time immemorial, they will certainly make an impact. These ideals would stay with the child, guide their thought-processes and they will learn all the values and exhibit them eventually. It is all about moulding the child at the right time.




So teach your child these values of love, empathy, care and they will definitely grow up to be supportive of you and the society as a whole. They will grow to be responsible citizens, take genuine interest in their fellow beings, affirming their efforts and becoming emotionally balanced. Since school is the first platform where the children learn social behaviour, it is important to evaluate the schools and how they perceive these values as part of the American curriculum schools.



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Character development is an important aspect of American curriculum schools.…
Character development is an important aspect of American curriculum schools.…