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How can Developing drawing skills in your child helps?

Every child, no matter how small or big they are, enjoys drawing. Give them a chalk or a pencil when they are really young, even as young as 12 months, and it would be enjoyable to see them dribbling with it. And their most favourite canvas is the walls of your house. That really triggers the little artist in them. But their real talent in drawing develops when they go to the best international schools in Abu Dhabi. With proper training and encouragement, the budding artists can really develop not only in their drawing skills, but their capabilities in other areas too. This blog delves deeper into that.


How the best international schools in Abu Dhabi can mould your child through drawing


As explained earlier, drawing comes naturally to your child. But there are other benefits too, and apart from developing their drawing skills, the best Abu Dhabi schools would focus on these other skills as well. Let’s check out what those are:


  1. Fine tune their motor skills

Motor skills include the coordination of the small muscles of the wrist, hands and fingers with the eyes. This can be attributed to the development of intelligence and when children draw at a very young age, these skills develop. Holding and manipulating the drawing instruments would help sharpen their fine motor skills, and also their hand-eye coordination. After all, they have to look at an object and draw it.


  1. Improve their creative skills and imagination

Allotting a certain number of hours to the American curriculum schools Abu Dhabi will certainly improve their creativity and imagination. Sometimes, children express what they want to communicate through drawings. It might be easier for them that way. Children somehow develop the thought ‘Draw and show what you want to tell your parents’. And parents are pleased when their children draw something special for them.


  1. Enhances their visual storytelling skills

School going children love telling stories, and most of it comes out of their imagination. And at the best Abu Dhabi schools, drawing also helps them understand certain concepts like distance, size, texture and so on. You can see how they have grasped these concepts when they tell you visual stories.


  1. Expression through colours

Children really love to use colours in their drawings. It lets them express their emotions. A child psychologist would be able to tell you a lot about your child’s emotional well being by looking at their colour usages. Drawing is a great form of communication, and children make the best of it by expressing their emotions.


5.”Look what I drew”

Children crave appreciation. But then adults do too. But appreciation is what helps these children develop and it helps them gain confidence. When they get applauded for their efforts even though it is very small, they feel motivated and would readily continue to express themselves. If their drawing of an apple looked like a melon, let it be, there is a lot of time to improve on that.


  1. Problem-solving skills

As mentioned earlier, drawing improves their visual abilities and concentration, and through this, their problem-solving skills would also naturally evolve. When young, drawing helps them find solutions to certain problems, like where to place an object in their drawing, how big or small the object should be and so on. Eventually, as they grow older, their skills in drawing would be an asset in mathematical thinking and geometry problems.



Enrolling your children in the best international schools in Abu Dhabi would help them grow up to be emotionally strong, confident children with multiple skills and qualities.


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Every child, no matter how small or big they are,…
Every child, no matter how small or big they are,…