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Tips for choosing the best international school on a budget

School is the second home of a child. Children spent large amount of their time at schools. Character development of a child begins from home and then from school. Hence while choosing an educational institution for your child you have to be careful and vigilant. You should not compromise on quality education based on your convenience. Elite Private School one of the best international schools in Abu Dhabi focuses on offering excellent education at an affordable and reasonable cost. Our dedication and commitment have made us one among the top schools in Abu Dhabi.

Tips for choosing the best international school on a budget are given below.

The first thing which comes into our mind when we think about international school is high cost. Without properly examining the quality and cost we jump into conclusions. If you are new to a country then choosing a school becomes more difficult. Below are a few tips which will help you in choosing the best international school on a budget.

Research about the schools

With many options available you will be confused about choosing the best school for your child. Hence primarily you have to conduct a research about the different schools. You have to look into the reviews, the website and generally ask people about the schools. Through proper research you will have an idea about the schools, its facilities and the system followed.

Fees and costs

After researching about the schools you have to find the fees charged by the schools. While going through the fees for the academic years you should also be aware that additional costs and charges can arise during the course of study. Also you should know that yearly fees may also increase per academic year. Before proceeding you have to get a breakdown of the cost so that future inconvenience can be avoided. Do a comparison of the fees across various schools.


Curriculum is another factor to be considered while selecting school. The main language of instruction in the school has to be checked primarily. Various international schools have different curriculums. You have to choose what is best for your child. American curriculum is one of the best curriculum methodologies. Elite Private School offers American curriculum. American curricula provide broad range of subjects for the students.  Along with academic development, personal development is equally given importance.


Facilities provided by the school have to be examined in detail. If it is possible, before admitting your kid to the school try visiting the school a number of times and take a look around of the facilities. Make sure that the school has good library, laboratory, sports facilities etc. Elite Private School has advanced facilities to ensure that each child has the best schooling environment. Excellent science laboratories, well networked computer labs, outstanding library are some of the facilities offered by Elite Private School.

For further details and queries contact Elite Private School one among the best international schools in Abu Dhabi.

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School is the second home of a child. Children spent…
School is the second home of a child. Children spent…