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What is the complementary role of primary education in child development?

What is the complementary role of primary education in child development?

Education shapes a child’s future. Schools are the second home of children. Schools open up numerous doors of opportunities for children. Quality education which focuses on the overall development of the child is important.  Primary education the foremost education given to kids exposes them to a whole new world of learning. Elite Private School one of the best primary schools in Abu Dhabi offers exceptional education to children. Providing outstanding education to children, imparting new skills, developing their talents are few of our priorities. Our teaching methodology is designed for meeting these priorities in an eminent manner. Our continued excellence has made us one of the most preferred schools in Abu Dhabi.

Importance of primary education

Social Development

Children develop different types of social kills during primary education. School offer a new environment for kids. They start interacting with their peer groups, teachers and other people. Social skills like communication, participation, corporation, non-verbal skills, teamwork and so on are developed during primary education.


Schools play a major role in instilling confidence in kids. Schools having teachers who are motivating and encouraging make kids smart and optimistic.

Physical Development

Good Schools offer numerous activities and facilities to kids. Sports and games like football, badminton, basketball etc help children to become stronger physically. Outdoor activities build their stamina and give them more immunity. Playing in grounds also help them to burn their pent-up energy.

Mental Development

Education improves the thought process of kids. They not only get textual knowledge but also get knowledge and information from their friends and other contacts in the campus. Their cognitive skills are enhanced and they are encouraged to think differently and uniquely.

Moral Values

Moral values like honesty, hospitality, tolerance kindness, respect, and so on are instilled in kids at schools.

Children become more self-reliant

Up until primary education kids are completely dependent on parents. When they start schooling they will learn to be more self-reliant. In schools children are trained to do different activities on their own. This makes them independent and assertive.

New skills

Schools focus on developing various skills of kids. Activities such as music lessons, dance lessons, painting classes make children adept at different skills. Children will be able to identify their unique talent and skills and improve it with assistance from their teachers. They will also learn new skills through shared knowledge from their peers.


Kids learn both verbal and non-verbal communication in schools. Listening, reading and speaking skills are developed and teachers further polish their communication skills. Having classmates from diverse backgrounds also introduce them to varied ways of communication.


Kids spent major part of their day at schools. Therefore the behaviour they pick from their schools will influence them directly and tend to stay with them throughout their lifetime. Schools mould children to be better individuals. In schools good behaviour are rewarded while wrong behaviour is corrected through disciplining measures.  Education has a very big role in character and behaviour development.

Elite Private School is equipped with well qualified teachers and necessary facilities to give all the students the education they deserve.  Being one of the best primary schools in Abu Dhabi we can proudly say we are moulding a competent future generation.

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What is the complementary role of primary education in child…
What is the complementary role of primary education in child…