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Comprehension is the most important skill every student needs to develop. As a parent, you will wish your child to thrive in every skill, and cognitive development is the most important one. Nurturing their intellectual abilities, understanding and growth is the part of cognitive development. For a proper intellectual development of a child, he or she must be properly trained, so that your child’s brain collects new information, process and comprehend it. At Elite Private School we follow American curriculum in Abu Dhabi, which enriches your child with best teaching methods, enabling the students to learn at  their own pace, with the best mentorship and syllabus.

Education is enlightening when it make the pupils to grow and thrive with their abilities. American curriculum in Abu Dhabi, which we follow aims to nurture the students at each level of their development. It is designed understanding each stage of cognitive development in a child and guarantees enough support to ensure complete development and boost child’s reading and comprehending abilities.

To know how to boost your kid’s reading abilities, understanding the stages of cognitive development is important. It gives the proper the proper idea on how to support the kid during each stage. Support for your kid all through their education journey is suffice with extensive learning of American curriculum followed in top private schools in Abu Dhabi.



When babies learn about their surroundings via their senses and motor skills during the early age is sensorimotor stage. It lasts from birth to around 2 years and is the earliest stage of cognitive development. It is really important to keep a check on the actions of family members as their visual learning thrives during this period. They begin to use words and gestures of bare minimum and also develop basic problem-solving skills. They learn about objects when they experience touch, smell and also when they look at them.


The second stage of cognitive development which lasts from 2 years to 7 years old is preoperational stage. They evolve to use symbols and languages and also they start to use their imagination. During this stage, they begin to comprehend simple concepts such as size and quantities and often think in terms of absolutes or binaries.


The age from 7 years to 11 years is the stage when they learn to think logically is concrete operational stage. They start solving problems with logic, understanding the idea od cause and effect, weighing both sides of an argument. They also start understanding the concepts like time and space.


The final stage of cognitive development when they learn to think abstractly is formal operational stage. It lasts from 12 years to adulthood during which they understand concepts such as justice and equality. Their ability to solve problems using reason and logic enhance while developing abstract skills.

As you are aware about the stages of cognitive development of your child, it gives an impression on how to help them grow along their development stages without any hinderance. There are ways parents and teachers symbiotically help the children whole through their growth by helping them build a strong foundation when they would mould later.

Best creative ways to boost your kid’s reading ability with good comprehension


Get your child moving for their uninterrupted cognitive development. Brain is healthy with good exercise and hence via regular and adequate oxygen supply which improves memory and concentration. American curriculum in Abu Dhabi prioritizes sports, exercise and meditation sessions along with their academics. Playing is vital during a child’s growth. It teaches them new skills that encourages their imagination and problem-solving ideas.


Make them involves to improve their inborn talents like music, art, dance, writing etc. as it stimulates their senses. It will build an enciornment where they have the freedom to learn and grow.


As kids are always energetic, proper rest is required for both their brain and body. Good sleeping habits promotes focus, memory and curiosity to learn new things. Ensure eight hours of sleep for your child.


In the digital era, try to ensure your kid doesn’t no get tangles with screen time in their early age. This will create troubles with their social skills and learning ability. Their imaginative skills will be interrupted with excess screen time.

Give the best for your child with proper guidance. With the support of parents the best American curriculum in Abu Dhabi strives to be the pillar of every child.

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Comprehension is the most important skill every student needs to…
Comprehension is the most important skill every student needs to…