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Healthy Breakfast: 5 Benefits and Risks of Eating Fruits

Who doesn’t love to nosh on fruits? It’s no big secret that fruit consumption is known to be healthful because of its abundance in nutrients. However, excessive fruit consumption can also be bad for your children’s health, aside from eating them improperly.

Many schools like the primary schools in Abu Dhabi emphasise the value of fruit consumption to their children and how it should be done properly. Here in this blog let’s go through some of the benefits and risks that your kids will have of eating fruits.

Benefits of Eating Fruits for Kids:

All though some kids may be picky eaters its always recommended to make them eat atleast one cup of fruits per day (variable upon the age groups). Here we list some of the benefits of eating fruits:

  • Immunity

You might have gone through certain situations wherein you kid always feels low in energy or might catch a cold most of the time. Regular consumption of the recommended serving sizes of fruits helps to improve gut microflora.

Having a healthy gut microbiota boosts overall health by keeping the immune system strong.  In addition, fruits supply vital vitamins, minerals, and bioactive substances that are also important for preserving immunity.

  • Better School Performance

Children who ate a balanced diet, which included eating right amount of fruits and vegetables, outperformed those who ate fewer fruits and vegetables on academic examinations. This has been seen in many private schools in Abu Dhabi.

Eating fruits also include a large number of nutrients, such as vitamins, minerals, an abundance of antioxidants, and other plant compounds, that are crucial for good health.

  • Beats Obesity and Other Health Issues

Natural sugars such as fructose and glucose can be found in fruits and vegetables. Both of these sugars are concentrated energy sources that can be utilised in place of processed meals like candies, colas, and cakes that are heavy in sugar.

In the long run, controlling your child’s weight and preventing lifestyle-related health problems like obesity can be accomplished by having them consume fruits and vegetables in the appropriate serving sizes.

Risks of Eating Too Much Fruits:

Usually, getting kids to eat fruit is easier than getting them to eat veggies. The majority of fruits have a pleasant sweetness to them and are frequently thought of as enjoyable snacks. However, there can be some negative effects if kids eat too much fruit.

  • Bloating

Fructose, a naturally occurring sugar that some individuals find challenging to digest, is abundant in fruits. Gas or bloating could come from this.

  • Sugar Cravings

As kids favour sweet flavours from birth, babies need breast milk. It makes sense that they would choose fruit over vegetables. To help them expand their acceptance of a wide range of foods and flavours, it is crucial that not all foods offered to them are sweet. An increase in food and flavour variety also results in an increase in nutrient variety.

  • Feeling Full

Fruits are an excellent source of fibre, which is crucial for children’s diets when consumed in moderation. But those kids who consume too much fibre may miss out on essential nutrients from other food groups, such as healthy fats and proteins. Fiber makes kids feel full.

Let Your Little Ones Be Healthy

We know that you might not have enough time to sit and feed your little ones before school. Best primary schools in Abu Dhabi provides proper guidance and support to your kids in terms of their health as well as education.

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Who doesn’t love to nosh on fruits? It’s no big…
Who doesn’t love to nosh on fruits? It’s no big…