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Why exercising activities is important for children

The best thing you can do for your body, in a nutshell, is to exercise every day. It benefits your muscles, bones, and organs as well as your look, mood, and even your mental and cognitive health. In reality, many of the issues we identify with getting older, such as frailty, balance issues, and memory loss, aren’t even related to becoming older. They result from a sedentary lifestyle and inactivity. If you are looking for private schools in Abu Dhabi, then this is for you. 

Children between the ages of 4 and 17 should exercise daily for at least 60 minutes. Although it may seem overwhelming, don’t be concerned! It’s possible that your youngster already meets or comes very close to meeting the suggested amounts of physical activity! Currently, Elite Private School offers two 50-minute physical education lessons per week to students in the elementary and middle school divisions. Kids spend 50 minutes in class each week. Kindergarten children have more time for play and recess to burn off energy. 

There are so many extracurricular activities that students participate in. This is fantastic and is highly recommended! What happens to the kids who don’t care for structured team sports, though? Finding a physical activity that they enjoy doing is still crucial for them.

Here are the different types of activities that will help your child build good mental and physical health. 

  1. Aerobic activity – Walking, running, or other activities that cause the heart to beat more quickly should make up the majority of your child’s daily 60 minutes of physical exercise. Furthermore, motivate them to engage in heart-pounding, fast-paced aerobic exercises at least three days a week. 
  1. Muscle-Strengthening – As part of your child’s daily 60 minutes or more of physical activity, incorporate muscle-strengthening activities, such as pushing up or climbing, at least three days a week. 
  1. Bone-Strengthening – As part of your child’s daily 60 minutes or more, incorporate bone-strengthening activities, such as leaping or running, at least three days a week.

Though all these activities are brilliant, pick some that work for your entire family.

Choose a family activity and schedule it like any other event on your calendar. Together, decide on the activity’s venue, start time, and duration. By doing so, you can establish routines and make future plans. Exercise should be a part of that since some kids (and adults) do better when they know what to expect from their schedule each day. 

  1. Choose a physical activity that you love. For instance, choosing a physical activity that everyone can enjoy and will also give you the necessary fitness level. This includes dancing, and games such as tennis or golf, etc. which will also increase social interaction. You can also explore new places such as going for a walk, taking a bike and, hiking.
  2. Track your fitness using a fitness tracker that will help you stay motivated and improve your results.
  3. Use an app. There are many health apps such as Sweatcoin Walking Step Tracker, Jov Plus, Wearfit Pro, etc. that will help you define your goals and track your progress. 

We at Elite Private School are among the top private schools in Abu Dhabi. Our team works on skills and routines that will set up your children for a happy and active lifestyle.

Our daily routine is simple and really helps the students towards the fitness portion of the workout schedule. Here are some of the activities. 

  1. Hopping – Hoping on one foot improves coordination and balance. Your heart rate increases as a result! You can also skip, jump on two feet, and walk backward!
  2. Jumping Jacks – are an excellent individual activity that doesn’t need any workout equipment.
  3. High knees fitness exercise – place your hands at the same level as your belly button. This is to help you in telling how high your knees must go.
  4. Building your core muscles – strengthening your core/abdominal muscles can keep you strong. Do 30 crunches daily before you sleep.
  5. Stretching – keeping the body flexible is necessary. So, while watching TV, try stretching your body. 

Why choose Elite Private School? 

Elite Private School is one of the best primary schools in Abu Dhabi. Our goal is for all young people to enjoy the benefits of education in the outside world. We achieve this through educating them, including their social, emotional, physical, and civic development in addition to their academic development. Our students are learning to become future business owners and career-minded individuals who will constructively offer their skills and abilities to Abu Dhabi and the rest of the world.

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The best thing you can do for your body, in…
The best thing you can do for your body, in…