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What should you expect from an international school

The importance of education in a child’s life is undeniable, and the challenges increase when parents enroll their child in an international school, especially in a foreign country like Abu Dhabi. A child’s educational path can be shaped by their choice of the best international school in Abu Dhabi. We at Elite Private School are committed to helping parents find the ideal fit for their child’s needs and preferences since we recognize the importance of this decision.

Things that parents look for in international schools

Native Speaking Teachers:

Having teachers who are native speakers is crucial for the great majority of parents. Almost every parent say that this is an important consideration in making decisions. Parents place very much importance on teachers who are native speakers of the language that are taught in the classroom. This assures a high level of linguistic proficiency and communication.

Extra-Curricular Activities:

Parents also make sure that there are extra-curricular activities when choosing an international school. These activities play a significant role in enriching a child’s educational experience, fostering all-round development, and ensuring active engagement in school life.

Extra Languages:

The importance of additional language classes in international schools are very much emphasized by parents. The recognition of the advantages of learning multiple languages drives parents to seek schools that offer diverse language programs, complementing the primary language of instruction.

Class Size:

Smaller class sizes, typically with 12 students or less, are considered ideal, as they allow for more personalized attention and effective learning experiences.

Least important things that parents look for


Interestingly, only few parents place price as a highly important factor in their initial school search. While budget considerations may not be the primary focus during the initial search, parents understand that choosing the right school is the ultimate goal, regardless of the cost.

School Distance

Similarly, the school’s distance is not a primary concern during their initial search. Many parents using our database are likely in the process of relocating to the city, making distance a secondary consideration compared to finding the best school that aligns with their preferences.

School Size

School size, as opposed to class size, is ranked as unimportant by parents. Parents are more concerned about the quality of education and the overall school experience rather than the total number of enrolled students.

What is School scoring?

Multiple aspects of the school are assessed and evaluated through the school scoring procedure while choosing a school to give parents and students useful information. It strives to provide a thorough analysis of the capabilities, performance, and general suitability of a school for particular purposes. Multiple characteristics and data points are considered by the school score system to produce an unbiased and comparative analysis.

How School Scoring Works

Here is a process of how school scoring works:

⦁ Data Collection: Data is gathered from a variety of sources, including school administration, official records, questionnaires, and other pertinent information, to conduct a school score evaluation.

⦁ Evaluation Criteria: Specific standards have been developed in accordance with the top priorities that parents and kids have while choosing a school. Academic achievement, teacher credentials, class size, extracurricular activities, facilities, safety precautions, and other factors are some examples of these criteria.

⦁ Weighting and Scoring: Each criterion receives a weighting based on how important it is to the overall standard of education and the educational experience. For instance, certain factors may be given more weight than others, such as academic achievement and instructor credentials.

⦁ Verification of Data: Through questionnaires, official records, and conversations with school representatives, efforts are taken to confirm the accuracy of the data provided by the school.

⦁ Calculating the Score: A scoring formula is used to determine the school’s total score using the data gathered and weighted criteria. Typically, the ratings are displayed on a scale as a number or a star rating.

⦁ Presentation of Results: The final scores are provided in an approachable format and are frequently accessible on school directories, websites, or learning platforms. The results offer a simple way to compare various schools, assisting parents and students in making educated choices.

⦁ Continuous Updates: Periodic updates to school scoring systems may be made to reflect any alterations to the school’s activities, resources, or additional relevant aspects.

Benefits of School Scoring

Comparing schools objectively using a variety of factors gives parents and students the opportunity to discover the institution that best suits their requirements and preferences.

⦁ Helping parents and students make well-informed decisions about their education by considering the issues important to them while having access to comprehensive data.
⦁ School score encourages transparency in the educational system by making crucial data easily accessible to the general audience.
⦁ To be competitive, schools are encouraged by the score system to uphold high standards and continuously enhance their services.
⦁ Schools can improve their educational programs and services by identifying areas for improvement using feedback from school score evaluations.

School ratings are a useful tool that gives parents and kids the opportunity to select a school that fits their educational priorities, interests, and guiding principles, resulting in a satisfying and meaningful educational experience.

Why choose Elite Private School?

If you are looking for the best Abu Dhabi schools, Elite Private School stands out as an exemplary choice. We boast a team of highly qualified and experienced native-speaking teachers, ensuring an immersive language-learning environment for students. The school offers a diverse range of extra-curricular activities that cater to students’ interests and passions, promoting a well-rounded educational experience.

Apart from that, we also provide additional language classes, allowing students to become proficient in languages beyond the primary language of instruction. With smaller class sizes, Elite Private School provides personalized attention to students, enabling effective learning and academic growth.

To sum it up, parents seek the best international schools in Abu Dhabi that prioritize native-speaking teachers, offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities, and provide opportunities for additional language learning. Among the top Abu Dhabi schools, Elite Private School aligns with these preferences, offering students a remarkable educational journey and a well-rounded experience. Choosing Elite Private School can pave the way for a bright and successful future for your child. Take a tour of our school or call us at +97 1244 75800 to know more.

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The importance of education in a child’s life is undeniable,…
The importance of education in a child’s life is undeniable,…