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Updated Distance Learning Plan for Live Sessions

Arabic Translation

Distance Learning Program Modified:  April 5 – Until Further Notice
(Subject to Modification pending ADEK notice)

Program Modifications:

  • Live Sessions (Using Zoom) will be incorporated based on a Distance Learning Class/Subject Timetable (Starting on Tuesday April 7, 2020)
  • Minimum of two Assignments per week incorporated and submitted to the teachers via ClassDojo or Edmodo, or alternative medium requested by the teacher
  • Live Sessions, Videos, and Assignments will be based on Term 3 Objectives and Standards

Pre-Recorded Videos will still be implemented as per the previous plan.

Weekly assessments will be assigned based on the learning and information in the live sessions and pre-recorded videos. The timing of the assessments will be based on the Live Session Timetable so it’s important that students attend the live sessions. The assessment schedule will be noted in the teacher’s Edmodo and ClassDojo accounts. Socrative will continued to be used for the assessments.

Live Session Information and Expectations:

The platform called ZOOM will used to host the live sessions. You need to download the application on the device/s the students will use to participate in the sessions. You can download the application at www.zoom.us . We will a post a video on how to download and sign-up on Zoom.

Live Sessions (30 minutes each) will be short summary lessons based on the videos to give students a chance to ask questions, receive clarification on key points, and updates regarding assignments.  Live sessions will be recorded and posted the on Edmodo or ClassDojo in the event a student misses them.

All subjects, to include PE (no equipment required), ICT, ART, MUSIC (no instruments required), and Moral Education will have live sessions incorporated.  The Distance Learning Timetable and period timings for all live sessions will be posted on the website and in the teacher’s Edmodo and ClassDojo accounts. The instructional day will run from 9am – 2:10pm Sunday – Thursday.  It’s imperative that Edmodo and ClassDojo are checked daily for updates and required information.

Expectations During live sessions:

  • Use the tools to raise your hand for questions
  • Understand parts of lesson will have all students muted to explain important concepts
  • Students show respect and demonstrate proper behavior
  • Noise levels in the room where the students participate in the sessions should be low
  • Multiple persons talking in the room during the session will disrupt the session
  • Headphones with a microphone will work best for audio
  • Watch the pre-recorded videos so you can ask questions to clarify key points regarding learning or assignments
  • Participate in the entire session
  • Option to open or close the camera based on your choice
  • Disruptive students will be removed from the live sessions

Weekly Assignments:

Teachers will assign a minimum of two assignments per week that students will complete and submit back to their teachers via Edmodo, ClassDojo, and google docs. These assignments may vary in type and expectations along with submission dates will be clearly communicated on Edmodo and ClassDojo.

Weekly Assessments:

These assessments will typically occur during the 3rd or 2nd live session after a short revision addressing key points. This schedule will be different for some sections, subjects, and classes. Again, it’s imperative you stay updated on Edmodo and ClassDojo for these schedules as adjustments may need to be made by the teachers.  Please note that a maximum of only two assessments will be given per day.  In addition to taking the assessments during the live sessions, we will give the option of completing the assessments during the evenings between 4pm – 6pm (these times are subject to change).

Weekly Assessment / On-going Assessment Schedule: (modifications to some classes will be noted on Edmodo or ClassDojo

  • Extension Week 1: April 5 – April 9:    NO assessments
  • Extension Week 2: April 12 – April 16:    Arabic, Math, English, Science, Biology, Chemistry, Physics
  • Extension Week 3: April 19 – April 23:   Islamic, Business/Economics, Social Studies (UAE &/or English)
  • Extension Week 4:   Repeat Week 2
  • Extension Week 5:   Repeat Week 3

We will continue this rotation until further notice.

Term 2 Exams/ Final Term 2 Grades:

Based on the school suspension, will not administer exams for Term 2.  Once we determine in conjunction with ADEK how term 2 final grades will be calculated, we will inform you.

We have appreciated your support and feedback for our Distance Learning program. We hope the addition of the Live Sessions will make the experience more engaging, and I’m sure our teachers and students are looking forward to interacting with each other.


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Arabic Translation Distance Learning Program Modified:  April 5 – Until…
Arabic Translation Distance Learning Program Modified:  April 5 – Until…