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How parents can involve in improving child’s grade

Being a parent is tricky enough because there are a lot of do’s and don’ts that you might not be aware of. After all, when it comes to children’s education, there isn’t much you can do to keep yourself from being too involved. Knowing when and how to be involved in your child’s education helps you both, and your child will actually succeed when they know you have their back. Schools in Abu Dhabi play an important role in imparting the right kind of education to your child, and they must make sure to have all the infrastructure required to make that work. With the right Infrastructure, the children can enjoy the right environment to grow and learn. Having the right infrastructure also motivates the teachers to give them their best, with the parents supporting them closely.


Know if your child is struggling with anything

Your child might not openly tell you if there is anything they are struggling with, but the best primary schools in Abu Dhabi will be able to identify the areas where your child is weak. Together the parents and the teachers will be able to help them reach better grades by giving more attention to areas where they are weak.


Set a particular space and time for their studies

It is important for the child to have their own study space, and if there are younger siblings, they must be taught to play silently when their elder brother or sister is studying. Enforce study hour(s) so the child will find it peaceful to do their work.


Keep a tab on their screen time

The temptation to look at mobile devices is just great. If adults find that hard, why blame the kids. There is nothing wrong in being strict when it comes to limiting screen time. They shouldn’t be thinking about beating an opponent in a game when they should be focussing on their studies. The screen check should start right at the beginning, so they wouldn’t act rebellious when you suddenly resort to controlling their screen time.


Keep it motivational                                                       

Getting bad grades is stressful for the child too. If others keep pointing it out to them, they might not take it in the right way, might feel pressured. Evaluate their homework and assessments and if they have not performed in any subject as they should, give them the motivation and encouragement. Give them help in those areas. There is always room and time for improvement. The schools in Abu Dhabi always work hard to give them the best performance, motivating and encouraging them, especially in areas where they need improvement. So there is no need to worry.


Be a good listener to the child

Children feel neglected when they are not heard. Maintain open communication with your children, so you can nip problems in the bud. In certain cases, it is not academic problems that affect the grades, there could be some other underlying problem. You might need to resort to open-ended questions to get to the source of the problem.



Some children might resent their parents asking them about their studies all the time, but if the parents are able to convince them gently that they are being supportive, the child will open up eventually. They will even tell you if they are struggling with something.




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Being a parent is tricky enough because there are a…
Being a parent is tricky enough because there are a…