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How pandemic challenges the way we teach

How pandemic challenges the way we teach

Pandemic abruptly put a halt to the normal routine life of everyone. Like all other industries, education industry was also greatly affected by it. When lockdowns and staying indoors became a routine finding alternate means became the only option left to move forward. Teaching methodology saw a sudden shift from the traditional manner. Online teaching was adopted by all institutions around the world. Elite Private School being one among the best international schools in Abu Dhabi could adapt to the new way of teaching quickly and easily. Having high academic success rate, Elite Private School is rated one among the best schools in Abu Dhabi.

Let us explore how pandemic challenges the way we teach.

  • With online teaching the demands of teaching profession changed. Teachers learned a complete new skill set. Schools developed different software to make online teaching and learning productive. Being unfamiliar with such software and applications made it difficult for teachers and students alike in the early period.
  • Schools provide support for the old as well as new teachers through networks and other peer to peer learning for giving adequate training. Providing training alone is not sufficient proper mapping of the development of digital competencies is also vital. School support system has to examine how far they are successful in imparting the skill of delivering education through this new method.
  • With sudden opening and closure of schools blended form of education is to be adopted in which both online as well offline learning is employed. Hence new frameworks are to be developed for this.
  • Some schools developed teaching methods by broadcasting it in TV and social media platforms. No interactions between teachers and students and no idea of progression are the issues of this method.
  • Protection of privacy and data is another challenge in online teaching.
  • Keeping the attention of students and making them engaged is difficult in online teaching. Finding ways to this tackle this is another challenge.

Traditional teaching methods is not enough today in the ever changing world therefore methodology to combine distance learning and face to face learning have to be developed for the long run. Online teaching will become a routine. Teachers and students have to be flexible for this in future too. Teachers have to be will trained for digital transformation.

Having all the infrastructure and facilities Elite Private School could easily manage the shift in teaching process. Leading among the American curriculum schools Abu Dhabi, Elite Private School focuses on high quality education along with building powerful skill sets. Contact Elite Private School, if you searching for one of the best schools in Abu Dhabi.

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How pandemic challenges the way we teach Pandemic abruptly put…
How pandemic challenges the way we teach Pandemic abruptly put…