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About EPS

Our Mission

To prepare a generation of educated, innovative, globally minded future leaders.

Our Vision
We strive to provide a quality education which will empower our students to develop into self-confident, responsible members of a rapidly changing and increasing complex society.  We will provide a safe, caring environment which will promote a generation of students that will make worthwhile contributions to their society while maintaining the customs and beliefs of the UAE.

Our Values
The Elite Private school offers the core standard American curriculum, in accordance to ADEK requirements and to the needs of the UAE community.
Our curriculum prepares our students to succeed in this competitive world, offering knowledge and skills in a balanced way, and promoting learning that prepares future leaders. We promote the UAE values and culture.

At Elite Private School we attract, develop, and retain the best-talented educators to nurture talent. We will challenge our staff and students to achieve excellence, and we will
create a collaborative and mutually supportive environment for our entire community

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